December 27, 2009

For Better and Worse

I thought a lot of advice was thrown at us while we were in wedding planning mode, wedding planning has nothing on becoming new parents. I know everyone means well and this post is not meant to be directed at anyone in particular, I'm sure anyone who is a parent or pregnant (whether you've given the advice or not post-birth) has had these "words of wisdom" tossed at you during the long wait to meet your babe face to face.

I think the most ridiculous (but well meant) piece of advice we continuously receive (I swear it's on a daily basis) revolves around sleep. Having a baby means getting up a million times in the night and feeling like a zombie 99% of the day?! Well if I had known that...

Some of the lines we have heard a million times in the last few weeks and are sure to hear a trillion more before June arrives:

"Sleep now because once the baby's here..."
"Hope you're getting lots of rest."
"My baby never slept."
"I haven't slept in 8 years."
"We were like the walking dead once our baby was born."
"Oh you won't be getting much sleep once you hit the third trimester so get in what you can now."
And the one I've heard so many times now I find myself biting my tongue in order to not finish the sentence for the well-meaning person: "Enjoy your sleep while you can."

I am beginning to think it might be a good idea for Mike and I to make t-shirts that say "We are getting lots of sleep but thanks for your concern." Think this might ward off the dreaded sleep advice? I doubt it, we would just hear something along the lines of: "HA! You think you're getting lots of sleep but you have no idea what it's going to be like when the baby arrives."

The best words I have heard have come from my two moms, not direct quotes but the general thoughts: 'Listen to what people have to say, take what you want and let the rest slip in one ear and out the other', 'Your instincts will guide you, do what feels right' and 'You'll be fine!'

I do appreciate the advice so keep passing it along but don't take it personally if you mention getting sleep and I roll my eyes.

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