December 11, 2009

Cat in the Hat

wall decal from Pottery Barn Kids

Dr. Seuss is one of my all time fav authors and was definitely my number one when I was wee. I clearly remember flipping through the little library of Dr. Seuss books that my parents had put together for John and I, those books were definitely well loved. The collection is one I want for our son or daughter; I have a few Dr. Seuss books of my own and will continue to build the collection for our kids as time goes on.

Mike and I both love this Cat in the Hat wall decal and it's quite likely we'll incorporate it into our nursery design if we can make it fit, I don't want a Dr. Seuss themed nursery by any means but a little touch would be fab. Then again it would work well in a playroom too so if we don't work it into the nursery maybe we'll keep it in mind for the future play digs.

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