December 16, 2009

Smidge Made Me!

Dear Smidge,

Daddy thinks my loss of self control today was your way of telling me that you love chocolate as much as your mommy and daddy do... I think that I like when he blames my piggy moments on you.

I bought a lovely box of chocolates to give to my colleague as a Christmas/thank you gift and the box was sitting in a bag on the back seat of my car this morning. I came out of my second school around 11am and remembered the box was there. Without hesitation I snatched the bag off the seat, pulled out the box, attempted to tear off the plastic (failed), turned off the car, used my keys to gouge the plastic cover, ripped off the plastic, tore off the lid, and inhaled three delicious chocolate caramel pecans yummies in approximately ten seconds. It was after the third one slid down into my tummy that a tiny guilty voice whispered in my ear. I shushed the voice and tucked the chocolates back into the bag.


I'm thrilled that you love chocolate as much as Daddy and I do and I've heard your message loud and clear. That being said, Little Nut please don't encourage me to rip into anymore Christmas gifts this year.

♥ Mommy xox

1 comment:

John V. said...

Never change huh kiddo. Blamed me growing up and now blaming the unborn...tsk tsk :)