December 28, 2009

Happy Ho Ho

Alright it's a few days late but that's because I have been thoroughly enjoying my holidays... Better late than never though right?!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the royal family!

We had a wonderfully relaxing Christmas this year. Christmas eve was spent with my side of our immediate family and boxing day was spent with Mike's side. Fabulous company, yummy food and of course wonderful presents: another perfect Christmas.

This year we started a new tradition of staying home on Christmas day which meant that once we dragged our sleepy bottoms out of bed we put on fresh pajamas, poured some baileys and coffee (yes I did indulge in a splash of Baileys, a little Bailey's never hurt anyone so all you pregnant woman drinking haters just RELAX I had a splash not a bottle) and sat around snuggling on the couch eating good food and watching tv. It was an absolutely perfect day!

We have loads of out of town friends around for the holidays so the remainder of our holidays will be spent visiting and relaxing: sounds blissful doesn't it?!

Oh and did I mention... two days in a row now I've felt what I'm sure is the baby fluttering in my tummy so now I can say my holidays really have been perfect. Life is grand!

I hope your Christmas has been as magical as mine!

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