December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas Smidge!

Smidge was spoiled this Christmas and the little peanut isn't even on the outside yet! Mike and I are trying to restrain ourselves by waiting until we find out whether Smidge is a boy or girl before we start buying baby things but our family and friends have started shopping already. A beautiful "Sneak Peek" frame for Smidge's first photo (the ultra sounds looks perfect in it), tiny furry crocs, an adorable teddy bear with a rattle inside, a beautiful pale green baby bootie ornament, the softest tiny teddy bear blankie, teething toys and more! I can already tell that this poor child will not be loved at all. Ha! Thanks to all the gift givers for the lovely bits, Smidge is going to LOVE them!

It just about melted my heart when our niece handed me a Christmas gift bag and said "This is for baby Smidge." Something tells me our little one's nickname is going to stick.

I gave Smige all the chocolate he/she could handle for Christmas, wasn't that generous of me? Mike gave Smige lots of belly cuddles with hints that mommy feeling flutters would be a fabulous gift in return... it didn't happen on Christmas day but it did yesterday and again today!! Flutters in my belly: hooray!

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