December 15, 2009

Sweet Designs

So we've flip flopped back to the idea of using the middle room as the nursery. This means we'll have a little less room to play with but that's okay, the baby is just a teeny tiny person!

We found a zillion and one decals that we like... lots of fab choices on Etsy and elsewhere. Here are a few we have added to our pile of possibilities! Keep in mind the colours may not be our first choice, it's the designs we like.

I just looooove the first two by Bubba and Doodle

And these designs by Wall Decors are awesome

Both of us think this design is stellar!

How cute is he?
I can totally picture this over a crib

And this one by Byrdiekids is super cute and comes in a bunch of colours

And two other very cool designs by Boodalee

Oh so many options! Hunting for goodies to decorate the babe's room is soooooo fun.

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