December 29, 2009

Dreams of Boys and Girls

Smidge's Grandad has had two dreams in the last two months about a little girl. The latest one (Christmas night) involved him and Mike walking along a path with a little one. They came to a stream and started crossing but then realized the little girl couldn't make it across. Mike dove under the water and stretched across so that his hands touched one side of the shore and his toes the other: the little girl then walked across Mike's body and landed safely on the other side of the creek. Strange but lovely!

My mom had a dream recently where she was frantically looking for baby boy clothes in a store.

Last night I had a dream in which the doctor completed an ultrasound to tell us what we were having but then couldn't figure it out! Argh! Looks like we'll have to wait and see!

The ring on a chain has changed its mind AGAIN now saying we're having a girl rather than a boy - silly thing can't make up it's mind OR it's very clever and has decided that guessing boy once and then girl means it will be right either way.

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